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Tips for getting books

Updated: 2017-11-07
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As a crucial part of the university, the Yunnan University Library, with a total area of 75,375 square meters, consists of the library on the main campus and the library on the Chenggong campus. The former has a floor area of 17,375 square meters, and the latter occupies 58,000 square meters. 

The library's collection surpasses three million books with texts on bio–ecology, history, ethnology and local nationality as its key feature. There are also precious collections of 170,170 ancient thread-bound books and over 2,000 kinds of newspapers and periodicals of the Minguo period (1912-1949). In addition, the library has 841,130 electronic books and about 100 Chinese and foreign language databases.

Undergraduate students can borrow a maximum of eight books at one time–six in Chinese and two in a foreign language and the borrowing limit also includes student papers.   

The Xinzhi Bookstore is where to buy books on campus. If you do not find what you want, there are other stores nearby, such as the Xinhua Bookstore on Nanping Pedestrian Street, the Qinghua Bookroom, Xinzhi Book City, and the wholesale book center on News Road.