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History of Yunnan University

Updated: 2017-11-07

Founded on Dec 8, 1922.

Officially opened on April 20, 1923

Private University of Donglu


• Preparatory course

• Undergraduate course

• Affiliated middle school

• Affiliated middle school(1927)


Transformed into Provincial University of Donglu in 1930


Provincial University of Donglu(1930—1934)

• School of Arts (department of politics and economics, department of law),

• School of Engineering   (department of civil engineering, department of mining and metallurgy),

• School of Education



•Renamed as Provincial University of Yunnan in Sept 1934

•Xiong Qinglai engaged as president of the university in   1937

Provincial University of Yunnan(1934—1938)

•School of Arts and Sciences (departments of liberal arts and education )

•School of Science and Technology (department of engineering and department of science)

•Special training course in medicine


Transformed into National University of Yunnan in 1938

Listed as one of 15 famous Chinese universities by Britannica Concise Encyclopedia of Britain in 1946

National University of Yunnan(1938—1949)

•Five schools,

•18 departments,

•Three special training courses,

•Three laboratories


• Nationwide readjustment of colleges and departments from 1951 to 1958

• School of Science and Technology became independent as Kunming Institute of Technology in Aug 1954.

• Medical school became independent as Kunming Medical University in August1956.

School of Agriculture became   independent as Kunming Agriculture and Forestry College in August 1958

(Predecessor of Yunnan Agricultural University and Southwest Forestry University)

Yunnan University

(Affiliated to the Ministry of Higher Education, the Central People's Government)


School of Aerospace merged into Sichuan University, Beihang University

• School of Law and Politics merged into Southwest University of Political Science & Law.

School of Civil and Structural   Engineering merged into Central Institute of Civil Engineering and Construction, Chongqing Jianzhu University

• School of Railways Management, merged into Beijing University of Humanities Institute of Railways and Changsha Railway College


•The university has been under the jurisdiction of the Yunnan Provincial People’s Government since August 1958.

Listed as one of the 88 national key universities by the Ministry of Education in 1978.

Listed as one of the first group of 61 universities of the Project 211 in November 1997.

Approved as a university co-sponsored by province and ministry in 2004.

Yunnan University

(Affiliated to Yunnan Provincial People's Government)

(1958 to present)

• After readjustment of schools and departments in 1958, six departments of liberal arts and science were settled by December 2005.

17 schools,

Seven research institutes,

Three public education departments,

National Pilot School of Software,

A national key laboratory breeding base,

Four national talent training bases,

A national key research base of humanities and social sciences

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