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Donglu Scholarship

Updated: 2017-12-06
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The scholarship was established to encourage impoverished students with good grades to continue working hard.

Criteria for Eligibility

To qualify, students must meet the following criteria:

1. Students must love their country and support the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party.

2. Students must abide by the Constitution and laws, and the university's rules and regulations, without any violations. They must not have been criticized in a circulated notice or disciplined in the very year of the application.

3. Must be honest, trustworthy and virtuous.

4. Must have good grades.

- For sophomores, juniors and seniors, they must pass all compulsory subjects. Exempted courses are regarded as passed ones. Their scores in the comprehensive quality test must be higher than 85.

- For freshmen, eligibility and scholarship recipients will be decided by their College Entrance Examination results and high school performance. High school performance is considered as the students results for those who haven’t taken the College Entrance Examination

5. As the scholarship is for students from impoverished families, they should live a modest life and not have any bad addictions.

Application Time

Late September every year

Scholarship Coverage

There are 100 scholarship recipients a year and 3,000 yuan is awarded for each one.


Quotas for each school are decided by the total number of their students in need and student performance. Priority will be given to schools with better performance and achievements. The number of freshman recipients must account for over 25 percent of the total.

Admission Procedure

(1) After schools release information regarding the scholarship, qualified applicants should submit scholarship application documents.

(2) Counselors of each major or grade review the applicants' last year performance and announce the results.

(3) Each school assesses its results to make a list of recipients, which is posted school-wide for five days. If there are no objections, the list is then submitted to the Office of Students' Financial Assistance.

(4) After the office evaluates the lists from the schools, it submits the results to the university's Guiding Committee of Student-related Work for approval.

(5) A list of recipients is announced university-wide for a fixed period and takes effective automatically if no objection arises.