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Fang Guoyu Scholarship

Updated: 2017-12-06
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The scholarship was proposed by the offspring of noted Chinese historian Fang Guoyu(1903—1983)to cultivate talents and encourage students in Yunnan University to improve their study.

Target students

Excellent full-time students from schools involving liberal arts specialties and liberal arts majors from schools that enroll both liberal arts and science students.


1. The candidate must be well-behaved and abide by the laws and regulations. Their comprehensive evaluation score should be no less than 90 or pass the detailed evaluation by the school if they haven’t conducted comprehensive evaluation.

2. The candidate’s score of each subject should be excellent and he/she should have made significant achievements in his/her major. He or she should publish at least three papers (articles, novels or poems) at journals above the university-level before graduation.

3. The candidate must be healthy and active in physical training. The score should be no less than 85 in average in sports evaluation test. Those who haven’t attended the test will receive evaluation. The disabled will be not be evaluated with the same criterions.

4. The candidate who has made outstanding achievements and has original and influential views in his/her major, in history major in particular, should be prioritized for the scholarship.


End of September every odd year

Money amount

2,000 yuan per student