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YNU, Jiangsu firm discuss possible partnerships

Updated: 2019-03-06
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A delegation from Shuangliang Group, a company based in Jiangyin, Jiangsu province, with the main part of its business focusing on environmental protection and energy conservation, visited Yunnan University (YNU), on March 4, to discuss potential partnerships.

Miao Shuangda, board chairman of Shuangliang Group, together with the company’s General Manager Miao Zhiqiang, led the delegation. 

Yang Lin, Party secretary of YNU, and other relevant YNU staff, met with the visiting delegation. Yang welcomed them to the university and said that he thought any potential tie-up between the two would likely prove successful. 

He went on to promise that YNU would use its advantages to explore effective solutions to water pollution in Yunnan province. 

Miao Shuangda briefed the YNU representatives on his company, stating that the firm would join the university in efforts to protect lake ecosystems. 

The visiting delegation also held a meeting with Zhang Hucai, a professor from YNU’s Institute for Ecology and Pollution Treatment of Plateau Lakes, and Tan Shucheng, dean of the university’s Resource Environment and Geosciences to discuss the specifics of potential partnerships.