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校闹 acts that disrupt school order

Updated: 2019-08-30

为贯彻落实全国教育大会精神,依法治理“校闹”,教育部、最高人民法院、最高人民检察院、公安部、司法部联合印发《关于完善安全事故处理机制 维护学校教育教学秩序的意见》(以下简称《意见》),构建了治理“校闹”的制度体系,保障学校安心办学。

Acts that disrupt school order have put undue pressure on schools which might thereafter refrain from normal physical education, extra-curricular activities, and scolding students. This has affected quality education and the education environment, and must be resolved with greater efforts.


(1)殴打他人(assaulting people)、故意伤害他人或者故意损毁公私财物的(intentionally hurting someone or damaging public or private properties);

(2)侵占、毁损学校房屋、设施设备的(damaging or occupying school facilities);

(3)在学校设置障碍(setting up barricades on campus)、贴报喷字(putting up defamatory posters)、拉挂横幅(putting up banners)、燃放鞭炮(setting off firecrackers)、播放哀乐(playing funeral music)、摆放花圈(laying wreath)、泼洒污物(pouring sewage)、断水断电(cutting electricity and water supplies)、堵塞大门、围堵办公场所和道路的(blocking school gates and buildings);

(4)在学校等公共场所停放尸体的(placing corpse on campus or at public places);

(5)以不准离开工作场所等方式非法限制学校教职工、学生人身自由的(illegally restricting personal freedom of teachers and students);

(6)跟踪、纠缠学校相关负责人(stalking school officials),侮辱、恐吓教职工、学生的(intimidating and insulting students and teachers);

(7)携带易燃易爆危险物品和管制器具进入学校的(bringing hazardous materials or tools to school);

(8)其他扰乱学校教育教学秩序或侵害他人人身财产权益的行为(other acts that disrupt school order or infringe personal and property rights and interests)。


Government officials, organizations or individuals should not interfere in dispute settlement procedures to quiet down the situation by forcing the school to shoulder more responsibility and provide quick compensation, the guideline said.

People should resort to legal means - such as consultation, meditation and lawsuits - to resolve disputes, it said. The school should make compensation in accordance with law if it is held accountable after investigation.

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