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人格权 personality rights

Updated: 2019-08-30


In the second version of the draft, personal information included an individual's name, birthdate, identity card number, fingerprints, home address and phone number.

Email addresses and information about a person's whereabouts will be considered personal information under the latest draft section on personal rights in the civil code.

三审稿还明确“个人信息的处理”包括“个人信息的使用、加工、传输、提供、公开等(use, processing, transmission, supply and disclosure of personal information)”。

对于何为人格权以及隐私的定义(definitions of personality rights and privacy),草案三审稿进一步明确并完善,规定:

人格权(personality rights)是民事主体享有的生命权、身体权、健康权、姓名权、名称权、肖像权、名誉权、隐私权(rights of one's life, human body, health, name,identity, image, reputation and privacy)等权利。

将隐私的定义修改为“自然人不愿为他人知晓的私密空间、私密活动和私密信息等(the private space, activity or information that a person does not want others to know)”,并增加规定:任何组织或者个人不得搜查、进入、窥视、拍摄他人的宾馆房间等私密空间(no organization or individual could search, enter, peer into or shoot others' private space, such as hotel rooms)。


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