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Yunnan University delegation completes US study tour

Updated: 2019-10-12

A delegation led by 13 management staff members of Yunnan University -- also known as YNU -- completed training courses in the United States which ran from Sept 22 to Oct 6.

The delegation visited seven universities based in Los Angeles and Washington DC, as well as the American Association for Higher Education.

During their two-week stay in the US, delegation members attended a total of 21 lectures given by officials and professors from US universities including University of California (Irvine), UCLA, University of Southern California and California State University (Long Beach).

The delegation visited the campuses of the seven universities and discussed issues related to campus management, teacher management, academic and teaching management and the commercialization of scientific research achievements.

In addition, the delegation paid a visit to the American Association for Higher Education, officials said.

They exchanged views with the vice president of the association on such topics as the US higher education system, current challenges and prospects and cooperation and with Chinese universities.

Two weeks of study in the US gave the participants a much greater understanding of the US higher education system.

According to the participants, they saw the differences between Chinese and American higher education, as well as some common practices and problems in the development of higher education in the two countries.


The 13-people delegation from Yunnan University poses for a group photo during their stay in the US. [Photo/ynu.edu.cn]

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