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Yunnan University honored for poverty alleviation efforts

Updated: 2019-10-31


A poverty reduction commendation conference is held in Kunming in Yunnan province on Oct 15, where Yunnan University was honored for its excellent work in poverty alleviation. [Photo/ynu.edu.cn]

Yunnan University, also known as YNU, was honored for its excellent work in poverty alleviation during a commendation conference held by Yunnan province in Kunming, the provincial capital, on Oct 15.

YNU was awarded as an excellent group, while Wang Guangming, a staff member of YNU, won the individual award for his work in villages.

In response to national and provincial plans for reducing poverty, YNU set up a leading group. Lin Wenxun, Party secretary of YNU and Fang Jingyun, president of YNU, were the group leaders, implementing targeted poverty alleviation in impoverished areas.

This April, Yunnan provincial government announced that Fengqing county, which is YNU’s poverty alleviation target, had been successfully lifted out of poverty.

A total of 1,428 YNU teachers and students went to Hebian village in Lushi town in Fengqing county, to offer their help. This included visiting households to learn about their difficulties, improving infrastructure facilities and donating books and computers.

YNU has put focus on education, developing cultural and technological industries, improving healthcare and training professionals to reduce local poverty.

Officials said that YNU has offered training to 1,647 local officials and 8,700 local teachers, workers, and technicians.

A telemedicines platform developed by YNU's digital medical technology center has also been made available in 17 villages in Lushi town.

YNU will continue to support Yunnan province's poverty alleviation work and make more contributions, according to officials.


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