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Yunnan University Alumni Association of France unveiled

Updated: 2019-12-12

The Yunnan University Alumni Association of France was established in the French capital Paris, on Dec 4, according to YNU university reports.

Directors from the Yunnan University Alumni Association, the School of Economics and the School of foreign Languages at YNU attended the Paris meeting, as well as alumni of YNU in France.

Hu Ying, the newly selected secretary-general of the association in France, presided over the meeting and gave a briefing on the association's preparations and regulations.

Duan Li, the new president of the association, talked about her personal experiences learning at YNU and talked about the association's development ideas and goals, adding that the first thing was to improve its regulations and working mechanism.

Officials said YNU had always attached great importance to alumni work, developing the university together with its former pupils.

The Yunnan University Alumni Association has been cooperating with associations in various regions in communications, social service and other aspects. It is also promoting the establishment of alumni associations overseas.


Representatives get together for the establishment of  the Yunnan University Alumni Association in Paris, on Dec 4. [Photo/ynu.edu.cn]



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