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Professor gives academic report at YNU

Updated: 2019-12-27

At the invitation of Yunnan University, professor Sun Heping presented an academic report to the Donglu High-end Academic Forum in the university’s Chenggong campus on Dec 20, according to YNU officials.

In his report entitled Scientific Significance and Application of Precision Gravity Measurement, professor Sun introduced basic concepts related to the Earth’s gravity -- and emphasized the important application of gravity measurements in the field of Earth science.

Background information

Professor Sun Heping is an academician at the Institute of Precision Measurement Science and Technology Innovation of Chinese Academy of Science, and a fellow of the International Association of Geodesy. Sun is also  chief scientist of the National Fund Committee's key and innovative projects.

Sun’s research involves cutting-edge scientific issues related to the theory and application of the Earth's gravity field. It has had an important impact in the thinking on internal structure and dynamics of the Earth and research into high-precision gravity signal detection, theoretical simulation and mechanical mechanism interpretations of the slight deformation of the Earth. 


Attendees of the Donglu High-end Academic Forum pose for a group photo in the Chenggong campus of Yunnan University on Dec 20. [Photo/ynu.edu.cn]

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