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He Daming

Updated: 2020-05-06


He Daming. [Photo/ynu.edu.cn]

He Daming is a researcher, doctoral tutor, hydrologist and hydroecologist -- and a former director of the Institute of International Rivers and Eco-Security at Yunnan University.

Since 1982, based in the mountainous environment of the China's Southwest Plateau, He applied his multi-disciplinary knowledge of geography, hydrology, water resources and ecology to focus on basic research and applied basic research of the cross-border resource environment in international river areas.

He's research direction: (1) Hydrogeography and hydroecology: international river cross-border hydrology and ecological process, change attribution, change impact; (2) water use and water distribution: rational use of international river cross-border water resources, distribution and benefit sharing; (3) water safety and ecological safety: the cumulative effects of the ecological environment and safety regulations for the international river navigation and hydropower project.


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