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Yunnan University develops observation station in Diqing

Updated: 2020-05-20

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Experts gather at the Baima Snow Mountain Nature Reserve, in Diqing Tibetan autonomous prefecture. [Photo/ynu.edu.cn]

An expert group led by Zhang Zhiming -- deputy dean of the School of Ecology and Environmental Science at Yunnan University -- surveyed the Baima Snow Mountain Nature Reserve in Diqing Tibetan autonomous prefecture in Southwest China's Yunnan province on May 9-10, to develop the university's field observation and research station there, according to YNU officials.

The Diqing Tibetan autonomous prefecture, located in the northwest of Yunnan, was established in 1957 and has an area of 23,870 square kilometers. Its capital, which is also the largest city in the prefecture, is Shangri-La city. 

Under assistance of staff members from the management bureau of Baima Snow Mountain Nature Reserve, experts surveyed the Baima Snow Mountain vertical vegetation zone and basically determined the planning of the Baima Snow Mountain -- Meili Snow Mountain ecosystem positioning observation and research station.

YNU officials said that the School of Ecology and Environmental Science has promoted joint research with the Baima Snow Mountain Nature Reserve management bureau and established a long-term positioning observation station in 2019.

This carries out alpine ice and snow and ecological monitoring, so as to conduct research into such areas as glaciers, biodiversity, ecosystems, water cycles and geochemical cycling.

They said the station would become an important support platform for the university's "double first-class" development -- its efforts to build itself into a world-class university with world-class disciplines.

The Baima Snow Mountain -- Meili Snow Mountain ecosystem is located in the middle of the Hengduan Mountains and is at the core of the Hengduan Mountains. Due to its well-preserved vertical vegetation zone and rich biodiversity, it is an ideal area for conducting research into the climate, cryosphere, ecology, hydrology and geochemical cycling, according to the experts.



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