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Notice on selection of outstanding young YNU teachers to study abroad

Updated: 2020-07-23

Yunnan University in Kunming, capital city of Southwest China's Yunnan province, is to select outstanding young teachers to study abroad, according to the arrangements of the China Scholarship Council.

The program is adopting the application procedure of individual applications, department recommendations, university selection and a China Scholarship Council review. Outstanding young and middle-aged academic leaders are preferred to carry out project research and scientific research cooperation in high-level universities abroad or in scientific research institutions.

The period of studying abroad for visiting scholars is 3-12 months and the period for post-doctoral students is 6-24 months.

The fees are supported by the China Scholarship Council and YNU on a 1:1 basis, including round-trip international travel and scholarships within the funding period.

Candidates should be staff members of YNU and in good health. Those with outstanding teaching and scientific research capabilities and who have undertaken teaching for a long period are preferred. In principle, they will need have worked at the university for more than one year by the application deadline.

Those who have been funded by the China Scholarship Council to study abroad must work for two years after returning to the country, before applying again. Candidates should submit an official invitation letter of the visiting institution in the application and their foreign language proficiency should meet the requirements of the China Scholarship Council to study abroad and those requirements of the visiting countries.

Application materials should be submitted to the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange at YNU (Room 326 at the Mingyuan Building in the Chenggong campus) before Aug 30. A list of those being recommended will be posted before Sept 10, and the final results will be posted in November on http://apply.csc.edu.cn.


Teacher Zhang at the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange: 0871-65033814

Teacher Feng at the Human Resources Office: 0871-65033841

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