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YNU ranks 4th in national social science fund projects approval

Updated: 2020-09-10

According to an announcement by the National Office of Philosophy and Social Sciences, a total of 48 projects from Yunnan University (YNU) were eligible for the 2020 National Social Science Fund and have entered the publicity stage, putting it fourth in the rankings, just one behind Peking University.

The office of the 2020 National Social Science Fund has announced 3,549 annual projects, 1,080 youth projects, and 496 western projects. The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences ranked first with 108 proposed projects, Sun Yat-sen University ranked second in the country with 53 projects, and Peking University ranked third with 49 projects.

Among the 48 YNU projects, five are key projects, 32 are general, 10 are youth projects, and only one is a western project.

As one of the first batch of 42 "Double First-class" construction universities, YNU has made steady progress in social science fund projects in recent years.

In 2019, YNU proposed 37 projects, ranking 14th in the country. The university has focused on projects in ethnology, sociology, and political science, and improved the project approval structure to promote its competitiveness.

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