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YNU holds forum on socialism with Chinese characteristics

Updated: 2020-09-14

The 15th Forum on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics was held at Yunnan University (YNU) from Sept 12 to 13, with hundreds of experts and scholars from more than 30 universities, scientific research institutions, well-known journals, and publishing houses discussing topics themed around adhering to and improving China's socialist system with Chinese characteristics.

The forum aimed to thoroughly study and implement thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, adhere to and improve the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, as well as promote theoretical exploration and practical research on the modernization of the national governance system and governance capabilities.

Attendees included Gu Baoguo, president of Red Flag Manuscript, a comprehensive political periodical, Yang Zhengquan, deputy director of the Yunnan Provincial Publicity Department, Liu Shulin, a professor at Tsinghua University, as well as Lin Wenxun, Party chief of YNU.

Lin noted at the opening ceremony that the theme of this forum is fully integrated with the current situation, as well as fully reflects the new characteristics, new progress, and new future of the new stage of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

He expressed his hope that teachers and students of YNU will improve the research ability and level through this opportunity, as well as make contributions to the study of the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Yang said that the convening of this distinctive and branded forum in YNU is an honor for Yunnan province. "Yunnan has many fields and practices worthy of study," added Yang, "I hope that experts and scholars can conduct in-depth discussions and promote theoretical innovations based on practice."

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