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YNU holds opening ceremony for 2020 freshmen

Updated: 2020-09-15


The opening ceremony for the 2020 freshmen of YNU is held on Sept 14. [Photo/ynu.edu.cn]

The opening ceremony for the 2020 freshmen of Yunnan University (YNU) was held in Wendian Square of Chenggong Campus on Sept 14, with university leaders, teacher representatives, and all 2020 freshmen attending to celebrate the new semester.

Fang Jingyun, president of YNU, made a speech at the opening ceremony. On behalf of the university, he congratulated the students for being admitted to YNU with excellent grades, extended a warm welcome to the students, as well as introduced the history of the construction and development of YNU.

Fang detailed the standards for undergraduates and graduate students to be successful at YNU, adding that the university will take all possible measures, as well as provide all possible conditions to support and help students achieve their own goals.

YNU will establish a teaching system for students' all-around development, explore the implementation of a tutor system for undergraduates, implement a research ability training plan, improve the academic evaluation system, and create conditions for students to conduct further studies.

Fang expressed his hope that the students would make full use of the environment and conditions of YNU to study hard, gain knowledge, improve their abilities, and have enriching experience that will lead them to making contributions to society in the future.

Representatives of teachers, last year's freshmen students, doctoral candidates, and new students of the 2020 school year also delivered speeches at the opening ceremony, showing their passion for the university.

The leaders wore the YNU emblem for the representatives of the 2020 freshmen at the opening ceremony, while all attendees sang the university anthem at the end of the event.

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