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YNU holds lectures for 2020 freshmen

Updated: 2020-09-16


YNU holds lectures for 2020 freshmen on Sept 13. [Photo/ynu.edu.cn]

Several professors of Yunnan University (YNU) gave a series of special lectures on Sept 13 to guide undergraduates on establishing their lofty ideals, rationally planning for university studies and life, as well as mastering scientific study rules and methods in the future.

Professor Zhang Hongbin of YNU's School of Chemical Science and Technology delivered a speech to help students understand the functions of the university from the perspectives of knowledge inheritance, knowledge innovation, and cultural immersion, encouraging them to cultivate their rational thinking ability and independent judgment, as well as to enhance their active learning awareness.

Zhou Ping, a professor at YNU's Institute of National Politics, explained the different focuses of undergraduate and graduate training stages, urging students to set life goals and implement them in action.

Wang Qiliang, dean of YNU's Graduate School, introduced the nature of undergraduate education and how to study well in university. He expressed his hope that students will master their professional knowledge, learn to be independent, and actively integrate into society.

In addition, Professor Guan Kai, dean of YNU's School of Ethnology and Sociology, led students on appreciating the complexity and fun of life, imploring them to explore new heights of their personal spirit through reading.

Guo Ce, a 2020 undergraduate freshman in YNU's School of Chemical Science and Technology, said that the lectures were more like an equal dialogue, which not only narrows the gap between teachers and students, but also gives great inspiration to their future studies and life at the school.

Hua Yue, another freshman in YNU's School of Law, said that she greatly benefited from the lectures and that she will maintain discipline in her legal studies in the future. 

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