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YNU sets new record in number of special projects

Updated: 2020-10-14

According to the National Office for Philosophy and Social Science, Yunnan University (YNU) will set up two special ideological and political research projects of the National Social Science Fund in 2020.

With the addition of single-disciplinary projects, a total of 10 special projects publicized by YNU have been approved for establishment, far exceeding the total of special projects in previous years.

Among them, four projects are later-stage funded, of which two are in art studies, one is in pedagogy studies, one is in ideological and political studies, while one is a special commission project. YNU currently has 61 projects of various types from the National Social Science Fund.

The rapid increase in the number of social science fund special and single subject projects has made important contributions to the university's "double first-class" construction.

In the future, the university will increase support for the special projects and further expand new project growth points on the basis of stable annual project approval.

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