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YNU holds work conference on undergraduate teaching

Updated: 2020-11-03


YNU holds the 2020 undergraduate teaching work conference on Oct 29. [Photo/ynu.edu.cn]

Yunnan University (YNU) held the 2020 undergraduate teaching work conference on Oct 29 to clarify the goals and tasks of undergraduate teaching, as well as to promote the bolstering of talent cultivation quality, thus accelerating the construction of a first-class university.

YNU leaders like Party Secretary Lin Wenxun and President Fang Jingyun, the main heads of various functional departments, colleges, research institutes, and supervision teams, as well as representatives of teachers and students presented at the conference.

Reports on the undergraduate teaching efforts of YNU in recent years and its work plan for the future were given, while several professors of undergraduate courses made exchange speeches at the meeting.

Fang said at the conference that YNU should further highlight the central position of undergraduate teaching to strengthen the foundation for talent training, implement a university-academy management linkage mechanism to promote the cultivation of innovative talents, as well as give full play to the main role of teachers and students.

He also stressed that the university should integrate undergraduate teaching with the implementation of its development strategy, comprehensive reform, and its construction of a first-class university to further refine the work measures and generate good results.

Lin proposed five suggestions at the conference. He noted that YNU should build itself into a hub for the cultivation of top-notch innovative talents serving the border area, with an influence spreading throughout South Asia and Southeast Asia, as well as reaching the world. Leaders and staff members should deeply understand and accurately grasp the changes in higher education, as well as realize that the improvement of teachers' ability and quality is the key to talent training.

In addition, Lin noted that the relationship between teaching and scientific research should be correctly understood and handled, as well as that a good environment for talent training must be created in the university.

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