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YNU's 'double first-class' program hailed by Guangming Daily

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

The achievements of "double first-class" construction at Yunnan University were recently recognized by Guangming Daily, according to an article published on Jan 21.

Double first-class construction refers to the university's efforts to build itself into a world-class university with world-class disciplines.

The article said that the university's number of projects approved by the National Social Science Fund of China ranked fourth nationally, following the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Sun Yat-sen University and Peking University.

YNU's Institute of National Politics was listed among the first batch of national research bases for building awareness of the Chinese national community. Meanwhile, seven scientific research results were honored with the "excellent award" (humanities and social sciences) from the Ministry of Education. The school also published a batch of high-level academic monographs.

Guangming Daily's report noted that the achievements illustrate three aspects.

The first is that universities should focus on discipline construction to improve discipline quality, while the second is that universities should integrate themselves into national needs and growth. The third is that universities should develop with their own characteristics to build a leading national academic highland in reform and innovation.

The article also said that YNU has committed to building a first-class university and seized the opportunity of discipline construction. It sought changes and innovation to promote its philosophy and social sciences disciplines and continuously transformed its resource advantages, geographical advantages and cultural advantages into development advantages.

Universities across the country can learn from YNU's successful scientific research projects and the school's exploration of output, platform construction and administrative services, according to the article.



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