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YNU officials conduct safety inspections of labs

Updated: Feb 5, 2021


Yunnan University officials conduct safety inspections on labs. [Photo/]

Together with other officials, Li Chenyang, executive vice president of Yunnan University (YNU), visited laboratories at the university's Donglu campus and Chenggong campus from Jan 28 to 29 to check their safety work. YNU is located in Kunming, the capital of Southwest China's Yunnan province.

The delegation visited labs at the School of Chemical Science and Technology (including the Advanced Analysis and Measurement Center), the School of Life Sciences (including the Institute of Microbiology), the School of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, the School of Materials and Energy, the School of Physics and Astronomy, and other departments.

The officials mainly inspected the safety procedures related to hazardous chemicals, biological research, experimental operations, experimental sites and environments, and the implementation of COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control measures.

The overall condition of the labs inspected by the delegation was good. However, some potential safety hazards were identified, including poor hygiene in some labs, damaged or improperly used fume hoods, improper storage of controlled reagents, and blocked fire-response access routes.

Li said that all labs should know their upcoming experimental arrangements and have detailed information on students who plan to use the lab facilities during the Spring Festival holiday. Tutors should strengthen the management of students' experimental activities and professional safety training. The labs also need to further standardize the safety management of hazardous chemicals.

Li urged all departments to promptly rectify the problems and hidden dangers before the holiday and ensure safety during the holiday.


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