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YNU's biological sciences training base recognized nationally

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Yunnan University's biological sciences top-notch student training base was recently included on the list of "bases of top-notch student training programs 2.0 in basic disciplines (2020)" by the Ministry of Education, according to YNU reports.

The top-notch student training programs 2.0 was launched by the State, aiming to cultivate outstanding talents for China's future development by establishing world-class talent training bases at domestic universities. The application process is very difficult.

The applicants must have a first-level discipline doctoral degree from an authorized institution. All of China's top universities have submitted applications with their best disciplines and best majors.

In 2020, YNU organized applications for the five bases of biological sciences, history, computer science, chemistry and philosophy. In the end, though, only the biological sciences top-notch student training base was selected, marking YNU's entry onto the list of domestic universities that train top-notch talents.

YNU's biological sciences top-notch student training base has several national talent training bases and experimental teaching demonstration centers. It has repeatedly won national and provincial teaching achievement awards and has world-class scientific research and teaching facilities.

The base boasts many first-class teachers in the fields of ecology, animal evolutionary biology, cell biology, developmental biology, biomedicine, pharmaceutical engineering and microbiology, among others. It has also jointly cultivated innovative talents in the field of biological sciences with famous universities and research institutions worldwide, laying a solid foundation for future development.

YNU officials said that the base would aim at the frontiers of basic research in life sciences and its interdisciplinary fields, give full play to Yunnan's resource advantages as a "kingdom of biology", and build a world-class base for leading talents in biological sciences.

It will innovate talent training mechanisms and improve students' learning, scientific research and practice capabilities to transform students into leaders in the field of life sciences.


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