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YNU acheives fruitful results in research on intl rivers

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

The Institute of International Rivers and Eco-security at Yunnan University (YNU) is the first in the country to conduct multidisciplinary comprehensive research on river basin scale and cross-border ecology.

In 2000, He Daming, a researcher at YNU, founded the Asian International Rivers Center at YNU, which was the predecessor to the Institute of International Rivers and Eco-security.

In 2003, the institute received support from the country's "973 Program" project for cross-border ecological security research, and carried out research on cross-border ecosystem changes and driving forces, cross-border water resource allocation, boundary river changes, and homeland security.

It won China's first national key research and development program for cross-border water safety research in 2015, which promoted cross-border water resource research on an internationally leading stage.

After years of development, the institute has established a basic theoretical system for the study of international rivers, cross-border water resources, and ecological security, providing a scientific basis for advancing the country's geopolitical and economic cooperation with neighboring countries and conducting diplomatic negotiations on water resources and ecological security.

It has also provided important scientific and technological support for the development of green hydropower energy, river ecosystem restoration, and river basin protection in southwestern China.

In addition, its series of research and development reports have been adopted by relevant departments, State-owned enterprises, and local governments to provide suggestions for safeguarding national sovereignty, security, development rights, and the overall situation of foreign affairs.

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Copyright © Yunnan University.
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