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Inspiring alumnus Duan wishes best for Yunnan University

Updated: May 26, 2022

Duan Qiujun, born in 1983, graduated from Yunnan University's business administration major in his early years. Some time ago, he won the ninth "Yunnan Youth Entrepreneurship Governor Award".

In college, Duan joined the university's Environmental Protection Club.

Duan mentioned teacher Wang Huan, who has been engaged in ecological science research at Yunnan University for more than half a century. "Teacher Wang is the instructor of the club, the founder of domestic pollution ecology, and a pioneer of environmental protection in Yunnan. He was almost 70 years old at the time, and he guided us in environmental protection research," Duan Said.


On the 87th birthday of Teacher Wang, Duan (right) visits and takes a photo with him. [Photo/]

After graduating, Duan, who successfully ran a decoration company, aimed to build characteristic towns and traditional villages in an effort to spread the beauty of Southwest China's Yunnan province.

In 2015, he formed Yunnan Youyi Cultural Tourism Development Co. "We provide integrated comprehensive services related to the planning, construction and operation of projects involving rural tourism, rural revitalization demonstration parks, pastoral complexes, characteristic towns, and mid-level hotels," Duan said.

"The most important thing is making sure local villagers see tangible benefits," He added.

With the full implementation of the country's rural vitalization strategy, Duan has led his team through more than 90 counties and cities in Yunnan in the past seven years, serving more than 50 rural cultural tourism projects.


Duan (left) helps develop the rural tourism and ham industry in Panzhiga village, Puli township, Xuanwei city, Yunnan province. [Photo/]

His alma mater, Yunnan University, is about to celebrate its 100th anniversary. Duan thanked his alma mater for the knowledge and skills he learned there, and said he hopes the university can continue to prosper.

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