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YNU improves quality of Yunnan coffee

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Research team led by He Feifei, vice dean of the Resources and Plants Research Institute of Yunnan University (YNU), hopes to reshape the coffee industry in Southwest China's Yunnan province and achieve 100-billion-yuan ($13.76 billion) in coffee output value.

The team joined forces with the university's Natural Products Research and Application Transformation Center and the Tropical and Subtropical Economic Crops Research Institute of Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

The coffee industry is one of the eight so-called "plateau green" industries identified by the Yunnan Provincial Government as a development priority. Yunnan is home to 98 percent of the coffee planting area and 99 percent of the coffee production in China. However, there are still a number of deficiencies in terms of the number of coffee varieties, as well as key technologies for deep processing and brand building.

To this end, through the integration of talent, technology, basic scientific research facilities and other resources, the team at Yunnan University has carried out scientific research on coffee green cultivation, primary processing technology for high-quality coffee beans, deep processing technology for coffee and innovative products to help improve the quality of Yunnan coffee.

Yunnan University set up the Yunnan University Rural Vitalization and Agricultural Commercialization Demonstration Center on its Chenggong Campus to help people better understand and buy more coffee products.

The university launched a new line of freshly-ground coffee from Baoshan, with the logo of the university printed on the cup.

In addition, the team combined the university's cultural and creative industries with Yunnan's coffee industry and developed a "coffee + culture and creative industries + achievement commercialization + rural vitalization" development model. The instant coffee and drip coffee launched by the team have both proven popular.

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Copyright © Yunnan University.
All rights reserved. Presented by China Daily. 滇ICP备12004993号-2