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Updated: Nov 10, 2017

There are four student dormitory buildings in Chenggong campus, namely, Zi Yuan, Hua Yuan, Nan Yuan and Qiu Yuan. Each dorm has four berths with a desk, an independent toilet, a bathroom, a washstand and a water dispenser.

The dorm is open from 6:30 am to 11 pm, and those who return after 11 at night will be recorded. Electronic supply in dorms will be offered from 6 am till 12 pm. There are 24-hour-lit study rooms on each floor and each desk in the dorms has a network interface.              

There are solar-power water heaters in each dorm, and on overcast and rainy days students need to fetch hot water from designated floors. To take a shower on rainy days, one can go to the shower room under the supermarket at Nan Yuan using the campus card system. There is a coin-operated laundry room on the first floor of each building. Money can be changed at the duty room if necessary. Students can also buy a low-power washing machine by themselves with the approval from their instructor and the dorm supervisor.

There are quotas of free water and electricity for each month; if the electricity quota is surpassed electricity will be cut. In that case, the student needs to pay fees through the charging machine at the dorm or canteens using campus card.

It is prohibited to store or use dangerous goods in the dorms, including electrical appliances with service power above 300W, controlled knives, destructive instruments, and flammable and combustible, poisonous and harmful chemicals. Each dormitory building will have security students on duty on the first floor by turns. The climate in Kunming is comfortable all the year round, so that there are no electric fans or air-conditioners in the dorms. Students can always buy electric fans themselves if needed.            

There are three student dormitory buildings at Donglu campus, located in Dingxin Apartment, Bei Yuan and Donger Yuan. The buildings open at 6:30 am and close at 12 pm, slightly different hours from those of Chenggong campus. Electricity is supplied from 6:30 am to 12 pam. Campus and external networks, including China Mobile, Unicom and Telecom, are all available. 

Hot water is supplied at the wash room on the first floor of each building. There are also four coin-inserted washing machines for public use. Each month, the first 20-kWh of electricity is free; any extra usage needs to be paid for. Also high-power electrical appliances are prohibited in the dorms–the electricity will go off if the service power surpasses 1,500W.

Accommodation for International students

On-campus accommodation

1.Yunnan University international students' apartment

The international students' apartment is located in the campus of Yunnan University. It is on floors 3 to 7 in the College of International Students building.

With the arrangement of two students to a room, each dormitory in the apartment is equipped with beds, closets and desks. At each floor, there is a public toilet and a public bathroom.

The apartment is also staffed with 24-hour security officers. The apartment also has restaurants and shops for the convenience of the students. 

The expense for the accommodation is 15 yuan ($2.27) a day per student, not including bedding and personal toiletries.

2. Yunnan University Hotel

The hotel is located in the 121 Street in Wuhua district, Kunming, Yunnan province. (In the west of Yunnan University)

Each room in the hotel is equipped with a private bathroom (offering 24-hour hot water), air-conditioner, bed, closet, desk, TV, telephone, and Internet. The restaurant, conference room, and the supermarket are also attached to the hotel.

Tel: +86-871-65034190

For more information regarding room charges, please call +86-871-65034190, or visit

Off-campus accommodation

Students can live outside, and the rental for apartments with two bedrooms in the city is approximately 1,000-1,600 yuan per month (excluding utilities). After relocating to the newly rented house, the student should go to the local police station for temporary accommodation registration within 24 hours, and then within seven days take the temporary residence registration and passport to the College Visa Office (120) for changing the address of the residence permit.


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Copyright © Yunnan University.
All rights reserved. Presented by China Daily. 滇ICP备12004993号-2