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Yunnan University hosts youth singing event

Updated: Jan 6, 2021


A youth singing event is held at Yunnan University in Kunming on Dec 30, 2020. [Photo/]

Hosted by China Education Network Television (CETV), a youth singing event is being held in universities and colleges across the country to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China in 2021.

The activity's first stop in Southwest China was held at Yunnan University (YNU) in Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan province, on Dec 30, 2020. The event saw the participation of representatives from CETV, YNU and Yunnan's provincial government, as well as young students and performers.

The singing event included four parts, themed "campus", "era", "dreams" and "youth". Singers and performers expressed their blessings to the country and paid respect to those who've made contributions to the country's development.

Among the performances was a melodrama telling the story of YNU's education assistance group, where 28 young teachers and students of the university volunteered to offer education services in remote and impoverished areas in Yunnan province for five years.


A dance performance is staged at the event held at Yunnan University. [Photo/]

During the event, YNU President Fang Jingyun reviewed nearly 100 years of the university's development history.

Fang said that the university has made significant progress in disciplines and faculty construction, personnel training, scientific research, social services and cultural heritage. He added that these successes are due to the hard work of teachers and students.

According to Fang, the university will continue to promote "double first-class" construction, striving to build itself into a world-class university with world-class disciplines and achieve greater success.


Young students applaud for a performance. [Photo/]

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