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International School

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

The International School of Yunnan University (YNU) was established in 2015 through a merger of the former School of International Students and the former International College. It is a window and platform for the internationalization of Yunnan University, representing YNU's active exploration of the internationalization process. It is a management, teaching and research institution advancing the university's international exchange and cooperation projects.

The main function of the International School is to engage in the teaching of Chinese language and culture for foreign students and the international promotion of the Chinese language. It is also responsible for coordinating the enrollment and daily management of international students. The school organizes the application, operation and management of Chinese-foreign cooperative education projects at YNU and carries out various long- and short-term international cooperation projects.

The International School of YNU currently has four undergraduate majors, one postgraduate major and two undergraduate majors for international students. It also has an overseas study training base called the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange.

The school cooperates with universities in Canada, France, Australia, Thailand and other countries for student exchange programs, and cooperates with universities in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, South Korea, Thailand, Bangladesh and other countries to offer more than 20 short-term study tours in China.

In addition, the school has established internship training bases in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand and other countries. Each year, teachers and graduate volunteers are sent overseas to promote the Chinese language internationally. These two-way exchange activities have increased the international influence of the university and the school and created a good international reputation.

The International School currently has 39 full-time faculty members, including four professors and four associate professors, six of whom have received doctorates. Most of the full-time teachers have visited Spain, the US, Australia, Italy, Thailand, Bangladesh, Iran, Myanmar, South Korea, Vietnam and other countries to teach and further their training, and have accumulated rich overseas teaching experience. The school also has a stable team of part-time teachers with rich teaching experience.

YNU's International School is the primary force in the university's internationalization process and an important platform for international education, teaching and academic research. It is also an important international talent training base for Southeast Asia, South Asia and the surrounding areas of the Indian Ocean.

The school provides human resources and intellectual support for Yunnan's involvement in the Belt and Road Initiative and leapfrog development.


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