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YNU signs cooperation agreement with Nanjian county

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Yunnan University (YNU) and Nanjian Yi autonomous county in Southwest China's Yunnan province signed a cooperation framework agreement on July 12.

The agreement was signed during a visit to YNU by Wang Shaoji, Party secretary of Nanjian Yi autonomous county.


The signing ceremony between YNU and Nanjian Yi autonomous county takes place on July 12. [Photo/]

During the visit, Lin Wenxun, Party secretary of YNU, discussed the development of YNU in recent years. He said that YNU and Nanjian county have a strong foundation for cooperation.

At the beginning of this year, the Yunnan University Nanjian county rural revitalization expert workstation was officially unveiled. Through remote cooperation between locals and schools, a number of offline and online tasks have been carried out to promote rural revitalization and consolidate poverty alleviation results.

Lin expressed the hope that the signing of this cooperation framework agreement will serve as an opportunity to further deepen school-government cooperation and contribute to YNU's work for rural revitalization in Nanjian county.


Representatives from Nanjian Yi autonomous county visit YNU's Chenggong campus. [Photo/]

Wang Shaoji expressed his gratitude to YNU for its long-term support and assistance in the construction and development of Nanjian county, and shared the county's achievements in poverty alleviation and rural revitalization in recent years.

It is hoped that cooperation between the two sides will help the county's construction planning, cultural and tourism integration development, education and teaching, and industrial investment, Wang added.


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