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Artificial exhibition held at Yunnan University

Updated: Jun 29, 2022


Students and teachers at Yunnan University pose for a group photo at the exhibition. [Photo/]


A red three-dimensional cardboard model of the university teaching building. [Photo/]


Students browse exhibits. [Photo/]


On display are postcards and placards depicting the memories of Yunnan University scholars over the past century. [Photo/]

The centennial Yunnan University design exhibition hosted by the university's School of Art and Design was held at the library on the Chenggong Campus on June 24.

Duan Hongyun, deputy secretary of the university Party committee, Chen Keqing, Vice President of the university, responsible persons in charge of relevant departments and colleges, and a number of teacher and student representatives attended the opening ceremony.

A total of 93 groups of themed works designed and created by 125 students under the guidance of 15 tutors were exhibited at the exhibition, allowing teachers and students to celebrate the 100th anniversary of their alma mater.

Each piece of work represents teachers' and students' love for their alma mater, revealing their fondness for the school's history, culture and educational philosophy.

The exhibition aims to inspire students' creativity, cultivate their lofty aesthetic tastes and artistic accomplishments, and strengthen relations between alumni, teachers and students.

The exhibition is divided into online and offline exhibitions. The online exhibition released the official account of the cloud TV channel on June 10.

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