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Yunnan University holds founding anniversary of institute

Updated: Nov 11, 2022


Academics and experts gather at the anniversary. [Photo/]

The 20th anniversary of the founding of the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies at the School of International Relations of Yunnan University, or YNU, was celebrated at its campus in Kunming – capital city of Southwest China's Yunnan province – on Nov 5-6.

Over the past two decades, the institute is widely said to have made fruitful achievements in basic research, applied research, public diplomacy, academic exchanges and personnel training.

In particular, it is viewed as having taken a leading position in the country in such characteristic fields as Greater Mekong Subregion research and has become a research institution in Southeast Asia with strong comprehensive strength in China.

Participating in the event were experts and academics from Peking University, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences and other universities and research institutions.

On Nov 5, the 20th anniversary celebration ceremony of the institute took place.

On Nov 6, experts and academics held a special discussion entitled "Southeast Asian Studies and Regional and National Discipline Construction".

On the same day, Li Chenyang, vice president of the China Association for Southeast Asian Studies, shared the characteristics, direction and practical experience of YNU's Southeast Asian studies in the context of the developments of regional and national academic disciplines.

Lu Guangsheng, deputy secretary-general of the association and dean of the Institute of International Relations at YNU, proposed an enlightening "community development paradigm".

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