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Yunnan University graduate starts burgeoning plant business

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

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Zhang Yang sits among succulents cultivated by her own team at her startup base. [Photo/WeChat account of Yunnan University]

Zhang Yang is a young and talented Yi ethnic group woman who grew up in Xiaoganhe village, Kunming – capital city of Southwest China's Yunnan province.

In 2016, while still a high school student, Zhang began planting succulents in a small flower bed at her home and gradually expanded the planting area. The initiative encouraged other villagers to join in, eventually forming a thriving succulents cultivation base.

In 2019, after gaining admission to Yunnan University to study the major of Environmental Design, she founded the ZhangYang Succulent Studio to explore new markets for succulents.

Zhang did this after she noticed that Yunnan's succulents market faced challenges such as outdated technology, product homogenization and a lack of diversified distribution channels. She addressed these issues by employing new agricultural techniques.

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Cutting-edge research is done in a lab at Yunnan University. [Photo/WeChat account of Yunnan University]

In 2021, the entrepreneur established the Yangyangyang Flower and Planting Co and collaborated with seven rural vitalization demonstration villages – adopting a "cooperative + farmer" model to help farmers cultivate succulents, promote technology and develop sales channels.

Her company subsequently made significant breakthroughs in succulent cultivation, achieving intelligent cultivation and full lifecycle traceability.

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A digital planting life cycle traceability system is being researched by Zhang's team. [Photo/WeChat account of Yunnan University]

At the same time, Zhang's company has created 616 jobs for various local groups – including university graduates, professional farmers, veterans, individuals with disabilities, as well as unemployed women – improving their living conditions.

Zhang has also given back to her alma mater, Yunnan University, by providing practical opportunities and training for students. She participated in the establishment of over 10 practical education bases, including the College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practical Education Base.


Zhang's team wins the Yunnan Provincial Rural Vitalization Award, recognizing its cultivation of succulents. [Photo/WeChat account of Yunnan University]

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