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Yunnan University provides intl courses for students

Updated: Mar 1, 2024

To help students learn about global governance and enhance cross-cultural communication skills, Yunnan University has introduced an online Global Governance course as part of its Innovative Program for the Cultivation of High-level Internationalized Talents.

In 2020, the university received approval from the Ministry of Education's China Center for International People-to-people Exchange to become an innovative practice base for training high-level international talents.

This new course is divided into the spring and fall semesters. Currently, enrollment for the 2024 spring semester has begun, with 50 spaces available, fully funded by the university.

The course is categorized into three types – foundational type, advanced type, and practical type. It covers major topics concerning the future development of humanity, such as the Belt and Road Initiative, the shared future concept, and sustainable development.

The foundational courses of this program are integrated with the United Nations' sustainable development goals and are divided into four themes: humanity, earth, prosperity, and peace. The advanced and practical courses are designed around the skills that talents must possess, aiming to comprehensively enhance the student's ability to engage in global governance.

Students need to log into the official website of the "Innovative Program for the Cultivation of High-level Internationalized Talents" and register for the online written test between Feb 26 and March 17. After passing the written test, course selection can be made from March 21 to 27. The course will begin on April 7.

The course features professors and lecturers from renowned institutions worldwide. Participants can scan the QR code for detailed course information.

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The detailed course information. [Photo/WeChat account of Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, Yunnan University]

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