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YNU advances development, welcomes 101st anniversary

Updated: Apr 23, 2024


The Chenggong Campus of Yunnan University (YNU). [Photo/]

April 20 marks Yunnan University's 101st anniversary. The university is the only higher education institution in Southwest China's Yunnan province to be selected for the national "first-class universities and disciplines" initiative.

Over the last year, Yunnan University continued to enhance its overall strength, aiming to build a comprehensive, international, and research-oriented world-class university.

In 2023, Yunnan University leveraged its advantages in the Plateau Ecological and Environmental Sciences discipline, which involves the research of ecological and environmental issues, such as biodiversity conservation and plateau lake management. The university also established the "Key Laboratory of Southwest Cross-border Ecological Security" within the last year.

Furthermore, by capitalizing on its geographical location, Yunnan University has concentrated on contributing to the Belt and Road Initiative and the building of a community with a shared future. It also contributed to the establishment of the International Communication Joint Research Institute, which is under the administration of the Ministry of Education, and completed the construction of seven Sino-foreign cultural exchange centers.

In addition, Yunnan University has developed world-class research centers that focus on life sciences, paleontology, and astronomy, combining basic research with applied research. The university is also set to advance the research and development of technologies such as the biological control of root-knot nematode, perennial rice, and perovskite solar cell technology. Moreover, medical aesthetic products and vaccines developed through joint ventures with the university and enterprises are about to enter mass production.

Copyright © Yunnan University. All rights reserved. Presented by China Daily. 滇ICP备12004993号-2
Copyright © Yunnan University.
All rights reserved. Presented by China Daily. 滇ICP备12004993号-2