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YNU joins research on novel coronavirus detection technology


A delegation from the Medical Products Administration of Yunnan Province, led by its director Liu Benjun, visited Yunnan University and the Second People’s Hospital of Yunnan Province on March 9.

YNU student supports hometown as a volunteer


Liu Zhenghao, a postgraduate student from Yunnan University, worked as a community volunteer in his hometown Huanggang -- a city in Central Chine’s Hubei province and the epicenter of the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak.

New YNU study shows evolution over 500 million years ago


A paper entitled A Tube-Dwelling Early Cambrian Lobopodian was published by leading international academic journal Current Biology recently, which has shone more light on evolution hundreds of millions of years ago.

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YNU student offers voluntary service for epidemic control


Responding to the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in China, students of Yunnan University have contributed a great deal to their local areas in terms of epidemic prevention and control.


Spring comes to Yunnan University


Due to the current novel coronavirus epidemic, students and teachers at Yunnan University haven’t returned to campus yet, while spring has come to YNU.

YNU hospital acts decisively in epidemic prevention, control


Officials and medical workers at the school infirmary of Yunnan University have done a great deal in the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus pneumonia.

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