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AIT-BNU-Thai Pipe PhD Scholarship


The AIT-BNU-Thai Pipe PhD Scholarship is being supported by the AIT-Beijing Normal University-Thai Pipe Industry.

Maipu Scholarship


The Maipu Scholarship was established on Nov 27 in 2018, at the School of Resource Environment and Earth Science at Yunnan University, or YNU.

Fang Guoyu Scholarship


The scholarship was proposed by the offspring of noted Chinese historian Fang Guoyu(1903—1983)to cultivate talents and encourage students in Yunnan University to improve their study.

Xiong Qinglai Scholarship


The scholarship was proposed in 1989 to commemorate Xiong Qinglai, carry forward his devotion to scientific research, and inspire the students to develop their abilities in an all-round way.

Sasakawa grants for research projects of outstanding youth education foundation and Sasakawa fellowships for excellent academic achievements of Yunnan University


The foundation plays an active role in Japan and is influential across the globe. It started from maritime and shipping business and extended to fields such as education, social welfare and public health.

Donglu Scholarship


The scholarship was established to encourage impoverished students with good grades to continue working hard.

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