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西部陆海新通道 new western land-sea corridor


China has released an overall plan about the country's new western land-sea corridor to deepen the sea-land two-way opening-up and the development of western China, according to the National Development and Reform Commission. The plan covers the period from 2019 to 2025 with an outlook extended to 2035.

《上海堡垒》 Shanghai Fortress


Shanghai Fortress, which has seen its score falling to 3.2 points out of ten on the reviewing site Douban, has been criticized fiercely online.

禁带食品入园政策 no-outside-food-and-drink policy


The suit was brought by a junior, surnamed Wang, from East China University of Political Science and Law after she was told by park security to either throw away the snacks she had brought in her backpack or finish them. In order to get into the park, she finished some snacks and discarded the rest, following a series of failed attempts to resist, including oral disputes with security and phone calls to the police and to the municipal's official complaint hotlines, according to thePaper.cn.

人造肉 lab-grown meat


Mooncakes filled with lab-grown meat will go on sale in China for the first time in September.

退档考生 rejected students


Peking University is supposed to enroll eight impoverished students from Henan province this year. However, the university decided not to enroll the students in the seventh and eighth places because their grades, 542 and 536, respectively, were much lower than the other six students, with the student in sixth place scoring 667 in the college entrance exam.

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